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The Story

The Challenges

Calla Skinsoul is a brand of natural cosmetics which are harmless to people’s health as well as bring about a safe and effective skincare solution for Vietnamese women. Skinsoul prioritizes responsible characteristic and encourages proactive lifestyle.

Our Solution

Brandex developed the Calla Skinsoul brand based on the positioning guidelines about the targeted market segment of the product to create a beautiful, delicate design conveying the purity and the natural origin of the product as well as delivering the product’s messages and to draw consumers’ attention.



The Logo design was inspired by the images of green sprouts. Seed and foliage are the implicit image for the freshness and the vitality of youth. And planting, nurturing the sprout implied to the skincare process.

The Logo delivers the message that women’s skin and their mental health are similar to these sprouts, which need to be taken care of and nurtured every day, every hour.



Brandex has combined the pattern of Calla flower and Pastel tone color in all the package system of Calla Skinsoul. The design creates a sense of softness, tenderness for the package of Calla Skinsoul, and conveys the purity, natural origin and the safeness of the product.


Store Atmospheric

We have been inspired from the overall concept and exploited it to create an open design that evokes positive emotions as well as applies the brand identity. The design also brings a friendly, close, natural environment that plays an important role in communicating with prospective customers at stores.


Web Design

Brandex received the request to build a website that conveyed the core values ​​of the brand while optimizing the user experience. Brandex uses flexible identification marks such as colors, textures, images to create the best website. The design simplifies site structure, builds the trust of the target audience, and provides a positive user experience.

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Article by: Brandex Agency