Eva de Eva
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Brand identity
Brand Structure
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2016 2017

The Story

The Challenges

Eva de Eva was founded in 2007 at 69 Trang Thi street by Mrs. Dung To with the goal to give Vietnamese women the best office outfits. Eva de Eva was founded by a woman and for women. After more than 10 years of developing, Eva de Eva has had over 60 stores nationwide, serving more than 60.000 customers for the mission of serving and delivering complete happiness to our customers.

In 2016 Eva de Eva collaborated with Brandex to create a more youthful, more “internationalized” appearance which can be applied to a greater variety of materials.

Our Solution

In the initiation of Eva De Eva brand repositioning project, of which the challenge is the need to balance the differences between the current market of the brand (middle-aged customers) and the new target market of sub-brands (young, modern and dynamic customers).



Logo of Eva De Eva was detached from its classical image in order to adopt a more modern and dynamic appearance with bold and clear-cut shapes while still carrying on the femininity via the curves in the decorating letters. The design was “internationalized” to follow other worldwide fashion brands (text is used only in typography with a dark color for simplicity and delicacy), guided by Eva De Eva’s strategy to detach from the image of a Vietnamese brand, in the direction to become an international trademark.




Brand identity

Eva De Eva’s repositioning was particularized with the Brand identity system inspired by sewing lines adjusted into meaningful patterns – to reaffirm the Logo’s meaning as well as creating a distinctive and unique personality for the brand Eva De Eva.


Brand Structure

Nowadays, Eva De Eva targets a larger market, with younger and more stylish customers. Therefore, the new logo was designed to be appropriate to dynamic young ladies but still being favored by women, as the key goal of the new branding orientation is to create a younger and more fashionable feeling for the wearers without losing the established core values (girly and charming).

Eva de Eva – Women Fashion Brand
Creative Direction: Nguyễn Công Tùng
Designer: Nguyễn Duy Đức, Nguyễn Công Tùng, Nguyễn Xuân Quang
Showcase: Nguyễn Duy Đức

Article by: Brandex Agency