TP Bank
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Sep 2017 Dec 2017

The Story

The Challenges

As the premium service of TPBank, TPBank Premier is moving towards understanding customers’ desire for a professional and high-class banking service to experience a more enjoyable life and lengthening treasuring moments with their families.

Our Solution

Brandex was inspired by the icon of TP Bank to reaffirm its intrinsic values with the utilization of graphic design to express a specialized TPBank Premier, with multi-faceted and comprehensive financial services as well as experienced executives.


Brand Visual

Inspiration come from Gold dust 

The design was inspired by gold dust and the icon of TPBank to create a connection and evocation of TPBank brand as well as to restate the class of Premier Banking.


TP Bank – Key Visual
Creative Direction: Nguyễn Công Tùng
Designer: Nguyễn Công Tùng, Nguyễn Xuân Quang
Showcase: Nguyễn Công Tùng

Article by: Brandex Agency