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Scope of work
Logo Brand Identity Website
Time spent

The Story

The Challenges
BetterMoms is a Mom and Baby retailer that specialize in high-quality products importing from Korea. They want to create a logo and brand identity that represent the company values: Innovative technology, Conscientiousness and Mother-centered.

The Solutions
Brandex wants to create an elegant brand that immediately make an impression of a high tech product. Millennials make up the greatest share of women entering parenthood nowadays, so the target audience of BetterMoms will be young professional new parents who want the best care for their kids. Embracing that insights, Brandex put forth several logo & brand identity directions that focus on modern graphics and typography.



The Idea
The idea comes from the shape of a mom holding a child in her lap, protecting and nurturing the child in combination with a ‘finger-print’ graphic. BetterMoms products with latest technology from Korea help the moms save their time and provide the best care possible for their babies, so a logo with elements of both “tech” product and the love of moms is ideal for the brand.


Visual Identity

The Idea
Raising a child is hard work, from nurturing the babies, to accompanying when they start to discover the world, and to support them and be a friend to listen.
We use the logo graphic to create a set of three visual identity elements: Nurture, Support, and Accompany. The elements will be used throughout communication materials, including website, advertising, and social media.



The Idea
BetterMoms needs an ecommerce website that shows off their range of products and provides clear information for resellers, retailers, and official distributors.
Brandex created a simple and clean website, with a mix use of lifestyle photos on the banner and showcasing cut-out photos of products.